About little ol’ me?  Hm.  Never had one of these pages before.  Suppose I’ll edit it sooner or later.  (I’d bet on later.)

Right, so it’s later.  First thing is, you can email me by clicking here: nightflymail@gmail.com.  I do read everything, though it isn’t always soon; I usually write back too.

Second, I’m married, have a dog and a job, live in a house in the middlish part of New Jersey, and enjoy writing, reading, and hockey in my spare time.  I do not play actual-factual ice hockey, however, but roller hockey (in my youth) and dek hockey (in mydotage).  Two things about dek hockey – one, it IS spelled correctly; two, it’s played with a ball and everyone is on foot.  The result is as crazy as that sounds, but it’s fun, cheap exercise, and I know a great group of guys as a result.

Third, I’m sorry to be less than specific about certain things.  I value my pseudonymity, because it allows me the freedom of more honesty in writing.  Some stupid mistake I once made on the old blog resulted in a few explicit threats of harm to my person, and that’s not the sort of fun I look for.  But I am a real person, I don’t fib about my principles or my experiences or all that rot, and I have no general problem with real-life meetings with blog folk: I have done a few times already.

Fourth, if you try to find me based on the information above you may freak me out.  NOTE – I’m not talking about accidentally crossing paths and hearing, “Hey, you must be Nightfly!” based on something I said or did; in the wildly unlikely chance that you DO see me out and about and recognize me, by all means come say hi, I like meeting folks.  By “freaking out” I mean somebody acting freaky in order to find me: tracking me like exotic game, calling me on the phone while staring at my window through binoculars, breathlessly recounting your stalking in excruciating, minute detail – crap like that.  If you could turn your planned conduct into a Lifetime Movie, please rethink the plan.  Better just to email or leave a comment on a post.

Overall – I try to keep a blog that I would feel welcome visiting myself.  Disagreement is cool by me, as long as it’s civil.  Tease, banter, call me out, laugh, cry – whatevs.  Above all, if you feel uncomfortable don’t fear to say so, and I will listen.  My mental picture of this blog is that of a big, homely reading room, where everyone curls up in a wonderfully comfy chair, with whatever interests them, and feels perfectly at home to engage others or lose themselves, as they please.  There’s always a comfy chair and a spot in the conversation when you want one.


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