A lot of pixels have been spilled on the Democrat Party’s “We All Belong to the Government” nonsense, most of it in uproarious scorn, and for good reason.  It’s simple syllogism: if we belong to the government, and the government belongs to the DNC, then we belong to the DNC.  QED.

For far too long, statist bastards have inverted the whole idea of “public servant,” from “one who serves the public at their will” to “one who serves by telling the public what they will do, if they know what’s good for them.”  They have also gone from “paid by the citizens, and thus their employee” to “the public is my bank, from whom I withdraw whatever I please, and they have no say in the matter.”

Well, some of us agree rather with Rush:  Our minds are not for rent, to any god or government.  Besides, these jokers, as is their hallmark, get it exactly 100% wrong.  We do not belong to a government; the government belongs to US.  We pay their salary.  No, strike that – they don’t do a job that profits all of us, the way an employee does.  It’s more that they do chores delegated to them while we, the adults, do the responsible things that earn our livings and keep a home for all of us.  In short, our taxes are more of an allowance.  Now the spoiled brats have grown sullen and rebellious:  bored with how good they actually have it, they steal out of our pocketbooks, claim the whole damn world revolves around them, they know better about everything (because they FEEL so much), and stamp their feet and holler at even the suggestion of a limitation to their whims.  The whole DNC convention is the political equivalent of “BUT EVERYONE ELSE HAS NEW STUFF! YOU NEVER LET ME DO ANYTHING! I HATE YOU!”

How well does that play?  As well as any other public tantrum by any other brat.  They had to move the whole spectacle from a 73,000 seat venue to a 22,000 seat venue, and even that’s still only half-full.  I can hardly blame any rank-and-filers for their lack of enthusiasm about it.  If I were still a Democrat I’d be slinking off in shame too.  In ’68, the rallying cry was “The whole world’s watching!” – typically narcissist and self-absorbed, but that’s youth for you.  Now, having grown much older but none the wiser, they can’t even draw the kind of crowds that typically turn out three dozen times a year for the truly terrible basketball team that normally plays there.  (Click here, scroll down to “Bobcats,” and laugh and laugh.)

Oh, and apparently I’m blogging again.

UPDATE: case in point shared on Twitter by DrewM (one of Ace’s cobloggers):

DMM Orders RT: @dylanbyers: Dear Republicans The stadium-change cycle has passed. It didn’t make the front page. It’s over. Focus on tonight

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) September 6, 2012

Nice, right?  The media refuses to notice something, and then uses that to try to tell us that we didn’t notice it either.  So add “LALALALALA I’m not listening” fingers-in-their-ears avoidance to the long and thorough list of childishness on display.

Also – if that stadium isn’t full again tonight, do we get to focus on it all over again?


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