Ho-hum, now what?

When you’re 22, you do lots of adventurous things – like bungee jumping over the Zambezi River, for example.

And if your bungee snaps halfway down?  Well, if you’re Australian, you just swim to shore and call it a typical Saturday.

…Australian backpacker Erin Langworthy, 22, plunged into the Zambezi River when her cord snapped during a jump at Victoria Falls, in Zambia.

Miraculously, the thrill-seeker from Perth survived the plunge into crocodile-infested waters and lived to tell how she managed to battle through the rapids and swim to the Zimbabwean side of the river with her feet still tied together.

The distance from the bridge to the water is roughly 360 feet, so the lass fell the length of an entire football field (end zones included) before hitting the water, and then keeping both her breath and her wits long enough to make it to land.  Reports that the crocodiles swam over to ask for her autograph afterward are purely rumors.

Since she’s Australian, she probably had about 4700 marriage proposals waiting for her when she got home.  Good luck, guys.

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