Well… that was interesting

Our entire building just spent ten seconds gently bobbing around like a rubber duck in the bathtub.  I do believe this was a baby earthquake.

Ladybug reports from home that they had a similar experience.  So… yup.

update, 2:12 pm – oh, snap.

So, not exactly a baby quake.  Now reported as a 5.9 magnitude, about 85 miles southwest of Washington, DC.

An interesting glimpse of how people react to a sudden interruption to their routine workday.  Our whole building just stopped for about fifteen minutes.  “Wait… what?”  Nobody had scheduled any major roof repairs.  And now, folks are joking about ducking into doorways.  Of course, we’re about 300 miles from the epicenter.  Folks at the Lake Anna Smokehouse and Grill are probably a little less casual about the afternoon right about now.

You can decide for yourself how bad it was if you’re reading about it.  Take your choice:

A lot of headlines were using “rattled,” a solid, non-committal adjective.


2 thoughts on “Well… that was interesting

  1. Robbo August 24, 2011 at 8:38 am

    “Rattled” works just fine. While the shaking was going on, the general feeling among my colleagues was confusion. As we were scrambling out of the building and it began to sink in what had happened, a lot of us felt a kind of reactive queasiness. And my legs felt very odd, too.

    • nightfly August 24, 2011 at 2:25 pm

      I’m glad to hear that you and yours are well. That must have been much more attention-grabbing, relative to one’s height off the ground.

      Our neighbors had an old, dead tree in their backyard that for months had been shedding hunks of itself all over my driveway and garage. Thankfully, it was removed by professionals last week, before it chose to attempt the job itself. Between the huge thunderstorms on Sunday and yesterday’s fun, I’m more and more relieved thinking about that.

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