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Sir Robbo has chosen to shut it down over at Llama Butchers, and I hear him on this.

I allegedly hockey-blog at Lighthouse Hockey.  My main contributions have been in commenting and moderating; I do little actual posting of content.  Sometimes, this makes me feel bad, but my cohorts there assure me that it’s not a problem.

So what am I to do when I no longer post at my own blog, as happens from time to time?  I’ve shut one down already, before opening the new digs – back then, my co-blogger wound up doing most of the heavy lifting and I couldn’t countenance doing less than a third of the work at my own place.

Finally I realized the answer was all the way back in my Mark Twain, in Tom Sawyer, and Tom’s great realization through selling the whitewashing privileges to his friends: the moment it becomes work, you have to pay people to do what they would gladly do otherwise for free.  I came back to blogging once it became relaxing again, instead of a chore.  Still, I’m more of a reaction fellow… I can do color commentary, but am not the best play-by-play man, so to speak.  So there will be times I have no content, and other times when I have content sitting in the draft queue for months on end, unfinished.  I’ve come to a certain peace about it.

This read-and-react habit of mine has won me a promotion of sorts from the Czar of Muscovy.  After writing in to the Gormogons about this recent post, they were kind enough to run said letter; now I’m the new head of space flight practical jokes.  Folks on the Supersonic Rocket Ship need not concern themselves closely with this.  The fresh flowers in the arboretum are not about to start squirting water at you, except the Water-Squirting Orchids – but those were already clearly marked.  In fact, my first act under my new title was merely administrative: to wit, neither Sir Robbo nor the Gormogons were showing up in the sidebar, because I had set a link limit of 20, and they were numbers 21 and 22.  This was the sort of foolish oversight that prompted me to write in to HQ in the first place – it’s fixed now, and an old link has been dropped, bringing us to a proper blackjack’s worth of folks to visit.


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  1. Robbo July 14, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Thankee for the link!

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