Following Chekhov’s advice

No, not “Keptin, enemy wessel approaching.”  The original Chekhov.  It goes something like this: “If you mention a podcast while Twittering the first act, you must post a link to it in the third act.”

Or something.  But anyway, I did mention one – specifically, that I made a huge goof about ten minutes into my involvement.  But don’t let that stop y’all.  Here’s WebBard, Keith, and (partway in) yours truly from Lighthouse Hockey, talking about the sport in general and the Islanders in specific, on the Flashlight Podcast.

Comments on Lighthouse are limited to SBN members (with a 24-hour wait) to discourage spambots and trolls, so if you’ve got some feedback, please leave it here for me.  I desperately need it if I’m going to join in regularly.  Thanks!


One thought on “Following Chekhov’s advice

  1. Bard April 19, 2011 at 3:05 am

    “The Lord’s Own Hockey” I might have to steal that tag

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