Didn’t forget! Wish Happiness Month continues

It’s Brett Loewenstern, American Idol contestant.  He’s so endearingly geeky and odd.  America sent Brett to the Toadstools of Shame because his cover of Light My Fire was… well, they agreed with me.  It wasn’t really that good.  Terrible song choice.  He didn’t really sing it like he could have, nor how Jim Morrison did.  Kind of between two stools; not bad, but just weird.  In a normal year, it would have been enough to survive the cut from 24 to 20.  This year, cutting directly down from 24 to 12?  Nope.

(Top three guys, for me, were Scott McCreery, Casey Abrams, and James Durbin.  I’m a little sad for Ralph Macchio – er, Robbie Rosen – he was pretty good but lost in the vast middle.)

I have to say that thus far, I think America’s done well identifying a good top ten.  Jordan Dorsey, for example – big voice, bigger tool.  He’s on the outs so far.  Clint “Jun” Gamboa – Kinda bleah cover of “Superstition.” Goofy, pitchy – he’s out.  The girl with the humongous soul-crushers? Her poor suffering ears have a toadstool each to spread out on.  (Seriously, those earrings are hubcaps with tassels on them.  She’s wearing dreamcatchers on her head and it’s bizarre.)  And then, there’s Brett.

Brett was the very last of the 24 to get in, and he did so over two very good singers.  It’s possible that he has no chance in the wild card round… will he even be one of the three boys out of seven that the judges will hear?  At this point I don’t know.  I’m watching the first guy, Stefano, sing his wild card song now.  He’s nailing it.  But that’s not the point. Brett’s endearing even if he’s not a top-12 talent.  And you don’t have to be the next American Idol to sing for a living, or to be happy doing something else for a living.  You can enjoy yourself without a talent show imprimatur.

So Brett – I wish you happiness, little bro.  I wish you freedom forever from those pinheads who tormented you in school for your gifts and your gentleness.  I wish you the strength to deal with the careless cruelties of life, to be above them and beyond them.  Be happy, kiddo.

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