The second Happiness Month wish

On the way to work yesterday, I had a very unpleasant close call with a livery driver.

Not that a communte of my length is short of unpleasant moments… but this was especially unpleasant.  The driver hit almost every sore point I have on the roadway:

  1. He didn’t wait for me to move back to the right before he passed.
  2. He didn’t use a turn signal.
  3. He crammed himself at high speed into a gap maybe two feet longer than his minivan.

He may not have tailgated – I didn’t observe because I was busy trying to watch the heavy traffic to the front and right.  What he definitely did, though, was dangerous enough.  Even then I may have let it go had it not been for the painted slogan on the back of the vehicle:

Love, Respect, Unity

Yeah, I felt the love and respect all right.  It was infuriating.  And when he pulled the same maneuver on the car in front of him, it was ON.  I managed to get close enough at a red light to jot down the name of the cab company and car number.  I jotted down the phone number.  This guy was toast… well, as soon as I had time to call.  And somehow I never made time to call during the day, and after the day I had my hockey game, and reffing, and the long trip home after midnight, and so on.

I’m much more calm now.  I’ve decided instead to wish happiness to Random Cab Driver, and hope that he’s no longer hassled or distracted by whatever had him behaving that way yesterday.

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