One last Sheen update

an update – via Sheila’s Twitter – there’s a strong likelihood that Sheen is bipolar and that this is a severe manic episode.  The drugs don’t help, of course… but the drug abuse itself may be symptomatic of an underlying mental issue.  To be honest, my first impression was that he’d done this to himself with all his excesses, making him fair game. But if he’s genuinely sick, it’s just not funny, and “beclown” would be a cruel word for his current behavior.  However – I’m letting it stand because it’s my crapulence and I’m going to go ahead and own it.  Revisionism is a fool’s game, and I’d rather not be a liar on top of being a tool: I don’t much like myself sometimes, and it’s only fair that you see why.  I have replaced the “funny” tag with the “sadness” tag, though.

I promise not to become all-Charlie-all-the-time around here, especially since he was our first Wish Happiness entry this month, but I can’t resist a little bragging here…  remember a couple days ago, I asked when Charlie Sheen had become a Middle East dictator?  Used a picture of Qaddafi and everything.

Hey presto – guess what ran on the Guardian website this morning?

The who-said-it-quiz: Charlie Sheen or Muammar Qaddafi.  As always, the main difficulty in humor is the risk that real people will beclown themselves more effectively.

FWIW, I did pretty well:

Clearly I’ve spent way too much time studying Planet Bedlam on the sensors.  Time to break orbit, Mr. Data.

(via Ace of Spades HQ overnight thread)

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