Hockey players rock. That is all.

One thing we hockey fans enjoy a great deal about our sport is the players’ lunch-pail ethic.

I’m sure that fans of all sports have their favorites, and think of their players as hard-working and approachable.  No doubt all the fans have good examples of it as well.  I’m still partial to hockey players, however.

Over at Lighthouse Hockey we have said some tough things about various players at many times, but we’ve also rallied behind our favorites.  Frans Neilsen has been Big Dane on Campus for a while; we have a #grabsisfast thread for Michael Grabner.  If you click to that thread and scroll down, though, you find something interesting… an entry in our fan thread about Grabner from his teammate, Matt Moulson, based on a Twitter to-and-fro they had about a week ago.

It’s nice to think that people on the team are aware in some way of what we’re writing.  That, of course, could just be a coincidence – Grabner is well-known as a very fast player, even before winning the NHL’s Fastest Skater Competition at the All-Star Skills events.  And several Isles have Twitter accounts and regularly jibe back and forth with each other.

They also keep fans in the loop on things like this, a public autograph event at an Entemann’s.  I twittered back that he should sign some boxes of donuts for other fans, and kind of smiled to myself, and went about my business… until about 45 minutes later, when this showed up:

Yes I did forget the time 12 till 2PM tomorrow…I will buy next 10 after 1st person donuts for being loyal fans

Donuts on request!

And THAT’S why hockey fans love hockey players.  They’re awesome.

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