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[Note – Ace, as is his wont, gets a little crude about it towards the end of the post, so be aware of that if you click over.  I’d stop after his list of takedowns, just where he has the reader’s blockquote of failed renamed months.]

First we had Movember… and now we have Decembrow!

You may have heard of “Movember”, a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues, such as depression.  …

Thus, inspired by an article on the popularity of the unibrow in Tajikistan sent in by reader Jess (thanks, Jess!), I hereby declare that the current month shall heretofore be known as….DECEMBROW.

The idea is that women will grow a monobrow for a good cause, or pencil it in if Nature has been easy on them.  Which cause?  Doesn’t matter, really… pick one.

Well, Nature was very hard on me, so I think I’ll dedicate myself to raising awareness for a good cause – moreso because the Ladybug prefers me clean-shaven, making Movember a tough observance in Chez Nightfly.  I dedicate my monobrow to the noble goal of stamping out tag-along, make-busy, awareness-raising that doesn’t really serve any purpose besides raising one’s own opinion of oneself.  I call it “Live and Let Livember.”  As proof of the honesty of my campaign, I pledge to continue to leave my eyebrows well enough alone after the New Year, the way I’ve done every day of my life.  You can look at me any day of the year to come and recoil in gratitude!

BTW – it’s not surprising that Ace hasn’t heard of Movember.  It’s sort of a hockey thing, and I believe this was the first of them.  If that’s your thing, enjoy; frankly, I wouldn’t miss it if it failed to catch. Growing a beard for team unity in pursuit of the Stanley Cup?  Cool.  That fits.  Fun tradition.  Putting beards to any issue more weighty than that seems to make that issue seem less important than it really is – like Asparagus for Asberger’s or something.  It’s just a vegetable, don’t try to save the world with it.  

And honestly, are we really unaware of prostate cancer or depression?  I’d rather just spend some money on cancer research – or some PSAs if you want to ask people to help fight a problem.

Then there’s the de rigeur stuff about “challenging cultural norms” and the like.   I have to wonder if the Decembrowers are pulling my leg somehow.  If there’s anything in this world that gets done more often than raising awareness, it’s challenging cultural norms.  At this point it’s a parody of a cliché of a stereotype.  You can barely go around the corner without somebody challenging your cultural norms or confronting stereotypes or raising awareness or anything else.  I feel constantly shouted at.

Since someone has to be the Scrooge here, let me get my humbug on:  if you like to do something that others find a little unusual, and there’s no harm or wrong in it – DO IT.  But for pity’s sake, don’t make it a movement or a cause – not if you truly love it.  You will attract crowds of people who don’t give a flip about what you love, but who care far more about being in on a cause, especially if it means they get to make other people feel guilty or left out because they don’t or can’t join in.  [And if they wield actual power over others?  Boy howdy, stand back.]  You will wind up drummed out of the movement for insufficient purity and lack of dedication, and whatever-it-was will be ruined for everyone, including yourself.  Be strong and enjoy what you love for your OWN reason, and let others have theirs.  Before you know it, like-hearted people will find you and suddenly you will have something far better than just a movement – you’ll have a society, and a circle of friends.

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