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Cara Ellison (welcome back to the blogroll, btw) had an interesting post a couple of weeks ago about Kabbalah, and how she’s decided to excuse herself.

I know almost nothing about the stuff so I won’t really comment directly.  My only observation is about a late-coming commenter.  But first – because we all know how I excel at burying the lede – a little background.

Folks with heavier readership tend to attract fun commenters, and Cara is a good example.  Whenever she posts anything about Amanda Knox and her various trials in Italy, for example, a certain gentlemen is sure to surface to insist, with true fervor, that Knox is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY.  The Archbolds have their regular cranks too, and Doctor Zero, and so on.  I’m not necessarily talking about trolls, either.  These are people whose neurons fire with the reliability of the sunrise: they are so fixed on a particular topic, that a post in the vicinity will by necessity draw a familiar response.

Some places are fortunate in that the cranks are typically not hostile.  Maybe they can’t help themselves on certain topics, but they somehow fit in the dynamic… they become regulars, and in a strange way the reliable reply is expected and welcome, almost a calling card, and becomes a source of good-natured humor and positive feeling.  But the key element remains – they just can’t help it.  Some adapt, others descend into monomania.

And then there are the drive-bys, folks you’ve never heard of.  I even got one on the old blog, about an innocuous post about the old 80’s Transformers Movie.  Months later someone came by to berate me for my opinion, it was teh awsumz and etc etc.  Yeah, whatevs.

What you are about to read below the fold, in red, is far worse, however.

Dear Folks,

1917-1991 Communism in Soviet Union, Germany, Hungary etc. was product of KABBALAH.

So right away, we have no words from the source, such as Cara used to establish her position – just the bald (and completely ahistorical) assertion.  The Marxists were avowedly athiest, not Kabbalist.

Kabbalah is (in secret part of it) art of manipulation of Goyim.

And here…. we….. go!

In Soviet Union they murdered 30 million Christians and destroyed 6000 churches. They demasked itself by this way: They stated “religions are bad, obsolete, harmful etc.” and destroy 6000 Christian churches and 0 (zero) synagogues.

It’s always just waiting to come back, isn’t it?  The ancient hatred.  The pathetic projection of personal enmity onto the target group, in which they lose their own identity and become mere mirrors reflecting one’s own bigotry.

Because from Crimea to Caspian Sea existed KHAZAR Empire where millions of Khazar people converted to Judaism. In Russsia, Ukraine etc. was thousands synagogues. For these Khazar people was in 1775 invented new name: “Jews” and these folks started fairy tale about they are “sons of Israel” “really from Hebrew”.

If I could convincingly type scornful, derisive laughter, I would.  This is so preposterous.  For one thing, the poster is off about a thousand years regarding the rise of Judaism among the Khazars (thanks Khazaria!)  Second, the Khazar empire, like so many of those of the Middle East during that time, fell prey to internal strife and the influence of the Caliphate – and believe me, they took great delight in smashing synagogues along with the rest.  Third – and most importantly – the whole thing about these seventh-century Jews not really being Jews until well after their dispersal is a complete lie.  They were dispersed BECAUSE they were Jews, by those whose venom now seeks to illegitimize the entire people.

Their leaders are extremely dangerous: in 1919 at pages of The American Hebrew they wrote about HOLOCAUST with exactly 6 millions murdered “Jews”. Because Goyim not buy this story they very want real Holocaust with real victims and best way to holocaust was: They DECLARE WAR to GERMANY 24th March of 1933, really. This provocation of World War II was wiped out of History School books.

Oh – I beg to differ, moron.  This “provocation” is well-known to history as the lie it has always been… the pretext under which the Nazis sought their Final Solution.  Not final enough for some people, though, is it?  Filhty bastard, ain’t you?  And so brave you won’t provide a link or an email for yourself – just roll by weeks after the fact and drop your evil little form letter on some unsuspecting blogger.

Yeah – well, that’s why your comment is here, now, saved for posterity.  Screen-capped, too, should I need it later.  Cara doesn’t have to put up with trolling, but it would be such a pity if your asinine gut-puke bigoted missive wasn’t exposed to the light of ridicule that it so richly deserves.

You must understand of Talmud view on Goyim, otherwise you don’t understand Kabbalah.

This had nothing to do with the Talmud or the Gentiles.  You know it, but for some reason you’ve decided that you need to play coy.  Well, you don’t get to do that.  You can run and hide and fire off racist spam from under cover, but you don’t get to pretend that it’s justified in any way, or that it is the result of serious scholarship or careful historical study.  It’s horseshit.  It stinks.  You shoveled it, now own it if you’ve got the stones.


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  1. Rob November 9, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    I’ve had that happen, too. Wasn’t quite as awesome as this one, though. 🙂

    My place is sparsely read but that doesn’t really matter. I commented on “price gouging” at my place a couple of years ago. At the time, I was referring to a very narrow set of circumstances (A hurricane emergency) in Louisiana. I don’t think what I said was particularly incendiary but people I didn’t know came from all over. I had to close comments on that entry. I kept the less inflammatory comments. It’s quite amazing to me how they even found me so fast.

    If you’re interested:

    It happens at The Swillers all the time. It’s a little more than I care to deal with. I’m in this mostly just for fun.

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