Snips and snubs

A short roundup of the dottles of thoughts that aren’t going to make it as full-fledged posts…

ITEM: So the WordPress thing is working out nice, no?  I have decided to stop holding people’s first comments for approval, with an eye towards encouraging conversation.  I trust y’alls.  On the other hand, my font choices are MIA.  Sometimes the blog title looks right, sometimes not, and the body of the post is the standard font no matter what I try.  I’m not willing to pay the upgrade to directly edit the code for the page, so I’m probably out of luck on this.

ITEM: this week was a brutal, brutal night of hockey for my local club teams.  We were completely non-competitive and got crushed twice: my alleged “A” division side lost 7-1 and my “C” division team, playing up a level, lost 6-0.  We should have just skipped the rink and went straight to the bar.  We certainly played as if we stopped off in that order before the game.  And then the Islanders played their worst game of the season and lost, too – yay hockey.

ITEM: gorgeous weather around here lately, even with this morning’s rain.  Very spring-like, rather than autumnal.  Makes the oncoming cold spell all the more wistful to think of.

ITEM: yesterday it was modern tech… today it’s relatively simple stuff.  Hockey players need to protect themselves, especially in the sensitive bits.  Most sellers of athletic gear understand this and make it very simple to find protective cups… but the supporters?  Not so much, unless you also buy the cup.  This is frustrating – the cup is hard plastic and tough rubber, designed to be durable and to resist impact.  It’s the supporter that’s just elastic and fabric; that needs to be washed every time; that wears out much more quickly.  But I can’t find a three-pack of supporters the way you’d buy a three-pack of underclothes.  You have to get the cup, too.  I don’t NEED seven cups and one supporter.  What planet do they think I’m from?  Making me buy a cup every time I need a new supporter is like making me buy a new toaster every time I need a loaf of bread.


2 thoughts on “Snips and snubs

  1. Laura October 29, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Can I cuss when I comment? ‘Cause I like cussing. Will cussing get me banned? I sure as shit hope not. Ooops. I guess I’ll see.

  2. nightfly October 29, 2010 at 12:36 pm


    My comments “policy” is rather like the famed Supreme Court definition of pr0n… I don’t have a cut-and-dried rule about cussing or such. (I’d have to stop playing hockey otherwise.) I do want to keep things PG-13 if possible, though.

    Hm, maybe I should add a FAQ up top – or in this case an OAQ, since is the first time anyone’s asked me anything about the blog, ever.

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