Happy Anniversary already?

Only my third ‘new’ post and already an anniversary?

Nah.  Sorta no, but kinda so, because September 30, 2004 was my very first post on blog 1.0.

To celebrate, I want to do something nice for the blogfriends, especially the Sudden Yurt Commune folks who hang out over at Tracey’s excellent cyber-hacienta.  I put together a soundtrack for the SYC… the SYC-OST.  And, as Cullen could confirm, I tend to be a little overboard on projects like this…. so a simple thought such as “These songs would be cool and refelct friendship and the things we enjoy” morphed into “I need a theme, and liner notes, and cover art, and professional-grade production AWESOME!!one!”

At this point, observe that I can’t even be arsed to post regularly without heavy emo sighing, nor to finish any of the twenty (and counting!) stories I’ve got cooking.  Now add in a self-imposed deadline and other people hoping for the finished product, multiply by the paralyzing self-inflicted guilt for missing the deadline, because predictably I can’t deliver half of what I’ve hoped for, and raise that to the power of the number of people wondering what’s going on because NONE OF THIS is happening anywhere but in my own too-thick-to-see-through skull…

The answer is “zero,” as in the number of actual CDs sent to anyone anywhere.  It’s MATH, people!

So this time, I actually did the playlists and burned the actual CDs, actually… so that NOW I can announce the SYC-OST, as a great ol’ early Christmas gift to all of you imaginary people who make this blog dealio so rewarding that I came back to it.

My email is: nightflymail AT gmail DOT com (you just have to use punctuation where appropriate).  Please send me your PO Box or whatever so your copy can be sent off to you.  I promise this information will only be used for good; if you are uncomfortable with doing this, tell me so I can try to make another arrangement.

Love you guys.  Hope you like the music.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary already?

  1. Kate P October 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Yay! If you need my address again, let me know!

  2. Robert N. Going October 7, 2010 at 12:57 am

    Welcome back! That was a shorter retirement than Bret Favre’s fourth retirement ago. And not a moment too soon. You, I mean, not Brett, who should have retired around the middle of his last playoff game last year.

  3. tracey October 7, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    How cool! I’ll be contacting you soon with my details. And if I don’t, please remind me!!

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