Some things are just annoying until you get the hang of them

Sometimes, the old blog host frustrated me.  For one thing, posts would sometimes get mystery formatting changes that only showed up in two ways: either they bollixed the posts after “publish” or they ate the things entirely.  (The longer the post, the better the chance the editor would choose Option Two.)

The commenting was prone to floods of spam, so I went with a third party comment host, which was fine until they “upgraded.”  In blogspeak, “upgraded” usually means “Don’t worry, we only discontinued the very few things you were always using.”

But hey – the templates were reasonably customizable, and while it never looked bold and exciting, I came to realize that in blogspeak, “bold and exciting” usually means “Unreadable and eye-stabbingly ugly.”  And it was free.  Six years of blather, absolutely cost-free; can’t beat it.

Now I’m using WordPress (wordpressing?) and I’m starting the learning curve all over again, from the bottom.  For example, I can’t figure out how to order my blogroll the way I want.  I can’t just move the links around on the list to my taste, there are categories of filtering – none of which seem to change how it actually looks on the blog.

Fonts are a challenge thus far.  I don’t mind being limited to just three – the one that came with the theme, plus two free from TypeKit (typekitting?) – but it’s more time-intensive than I would like to get the thing to look the way I wish.

And apparently I also have a gravatar (grava – NO stop it), which I managed to customize without burning down the computer.

The good news is, I do have the beginnings of what used to be my blogroll.  I may use some of the customized lists instead of the built-in link list, if it means more control over the contents, so expect more changes.  I will, however, try my best not to change the theme too too often; it’s in flux right now, I’m still finding stuff that’s new and nifty, and I haven’t settled on anything.  Once I do I hope to let it be for a while.


One thought on “Some things are just annoying until you get the hang of them

  1. Laura September 29, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    I use Movable Type which is not very user friendly, so all I can suggest to you is to never use Moveable Type. Ha!

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