Two point oh

So… I guess I wasn’t away for as long as I thought.

I just miss all you imaginary people too much.

After a while I’ll be culling the old blog to archive some of my better posts… maybe I can start a Flashback Friday or something.  Great, it took 45 seconds to come up with a new annoying regular obligation that I’ll probably give up on in a month.  Nice to know some things don’t change.

Well, one or two things are changing.  Change the first: lots less politics.  I just bore myself, and if I’m bored, what about you poor folks?  Change the second: fewer categories.  Keeping track of it all was a tremendous headache.  Oh, and change the third: I’ve decided to post some more straight fiction bits.  In the past I was usually scared of having my stuff pop up somewhere else, uncredited.  I have since seen on a few occasions that it happens anyway, although of course it’s simply a case of someone else having the same idea and executing it first.  Well – whose fault is that, ‘fly?  Fly’s fault?  YES!  Fly’s fault!  Good ‘fly.  SMART ‘fly.

Speaking of smart ‘fly, and paranoid ‘fly, this is going to be a little different blog regarding access, as well.  I don’t think I’m going strictly invite-only, but I have blocked browser searches to start with.  Unfortunately the old blog was discovered by some IRL folks who showed a talent for out-of-context, behind-my-back misquotes, which would indirectly get back to me when a friend would express dismay that I would say such a thing about such a topic.  Those responsible never once commented or emailed directly, nor take any issue directly… they just put a well-placed “offhand” remark in the right place and the result was unneeded aggravation.

I’m luckier than others I’ve known in that situation, in that nobody ever held anything against me unjustly, nor broke off a friendship; but y’know… that doesn’t make it less irritating.  It’s my blog, my writing, my voice, and my choices.  I’ve been at it for six years; before that I had a bad web page and a medium-profile presence on some old message boards on AOL.  It’s late in the game to censor myself to someone else’s tastes, or to have to alter my personality based on other peoples’ petty malice.  NO.

In days to come I’ll be rebuilding the blogroll, and I hope that any of you out there with my old URL will replace it with this one in your own lists.  Thanks for your kindness, your visits, and for being such good blogfriends.


3 thoughts on “Two point oh

  1. Kate P September 26, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Welcome back to blogging, dude! Thanks for inviting me to be among the chosen readers. 🙂

  2. tracey September 27, 2010 at 10:11 pm


    Also, I have WordPress and I know nothing about it. It’s embarrassing. I think I’m running some Flintstones version of WordPress.

    Why am I talking about that? I have no idea.

    So I’m drunk and that’s bad, but you’re here and that’s good!

  3. nightfly September 27, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Heheheh. You couldn’t tell from your blog what you do or don’t know, Tracey. I think your blog looks great, and mine looks like it was assembled from whatever was left after the cool kids finished blogging. It took me all day over the weekend just to update the font on the titles – and then it didn’t show up until tonight.

    Thanks for welcoming me back, guys!

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